Inland ENC related Papers

Referenced official papers

All official papers which are mentioned as references in the Encoding Guide and Feature Catalogue are published at following web-pages:

Standardized water level exchange format

The IEHG has agreed upon a standardized data exchange format for detailed water level information that can be used by applications to display the actual water depth or for voyage planning. A precondition is the encoding of the depth in accordance with I.1.2 of the Encoding Guide for Inland ENCs:

IEHG has also developed "Recommended validation checks for Inland ENCs". The following editions are available:

  • Recommended validation checks for Inland ENCs 1.1 (based on S-58 Edition 4.2 and Edition 2.1 of Inland ENCs)

  • Recommended validation checks for Inland ENCs 2.3 corr1 (based on S-58 Edition 4.2 and Edition 2.3 of inland ENCs)

  • Draft of the Recommended Validation checks for Inland ENCs 2.4 rev1 (based on S-58 Edition 6.0.0 and Edition 2.4 of Inland ENCs). This version will get an official status after testing

  • The following Excel sheet is providing an overview of the minimum content of Inland ENCs. It has been the basis for version 2.3.5 of the Encoding Guide.

Other papers

All private papers which concern InlandECDIS or the production of IENCs can be published here. Please submit the proposed document via the discussion forum under "General discussions".

  • Recommendations of the European project IRIS II (Implementation of River Information Services) regarding the accuracy of depth data in Inland ENCs and the update intervals for depth data:

  • Evaluation and recommendations regarding the use of SCAMIN and Usages in Inland ENCs