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The Inland ENC Facility Data Editor (XML Editor) provides web-based creation and management of Inland ECDIS facility files. The facility files include standardised inland waterway infrastructure-related information such as contact details, communication information and operating hours of locks, bridges, authorities, port operators and terminals.

  • The Inland ENC Facility Data Editor is intended for authorities, RIS providers, Inland ENC producers but also private parties. Please contact the system administrator if you would like to have a user account.
  • Waterway or infrastructure-related contact information can be managed.
  • The contact information has to be linked to the respective infrastructure objects within the Inland Electronic Navigational Charts (Inland ENC) by the Inland ENC producers and provided together with the charts.
  • Skippers benefit from additional information about the infrastructure and authorities on route.

From organizational point of view the new development of the Inland ENC Facility Data Editor was agreed among the IRIS Europe 3 consortium and Inland ECDIS Expert Group (IEEG) and from technical point of view it is an update of the already consisting working environment.

The new Inland ENC Facility Data Editor provides the following functionalities:

  • Login/Logoff - each user has to register
  • Intelligent User management - user roles and the respective access rights
  • Create new facility files
  • Edit and maintain existing (national) facility file
  • Filter the list / Search functionality
  • Import / Upload facility files
  • Export / Download / Print facility files
  • Delete facility files
  • Email functionality - if facility files are created, then the chart producers will be informed automatically, because of the necessary linking within the Inland ENCs.

In the framework of COMPRIS project (2003) the Inland ECDIS Expert Group (IEEG) developed a first basic web-based Inland ENC Facility Data Editor for creation of the standardized facility XML files for the Inland ECDIS applications on-board. In the framework of the EU project IRIS Europe 3 (Implementation of River Information Services in Europe) the Inland ENC Facility Data Editor has been redeveloped to make it more user friendly fulfilling the user needs. The IRIS Europe 3 project (http://www.iris-europe.net/) is a research and development project co-funded by the European Union within the TEN-T Programme. It started in January 2012 and runs until December 2014.