IENC Presentation Library 2.4

This side refers to the InlandECDIS Standard Edition 2.4, Section 3
It is outside of the scope of work of the Inland ENC Harmonization Group and has only been adopted for Europe and the Russian Federation by the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE). The regulation of the European Union is referring to the resolution of UNECE.

S-57 data sets do not contain any information about how it is going to be presented. The chart presentation is generated online in the Inland ECDIS application. For that purpose, the Inland ECDIS application uses machine readable symbolization instructions for each feature which is drawn on the screen. For the presentation of ENCs the IHO S-52 standard is mandatory. The S-52 standard contains all rules which are necessary for the symbolization and presentation of ENCs on the screen.
Since the features, attributes and enumerations for ENCs were extended for Inland ENCs an extension of the S-52 standard is necessary as well in order to be able to display also the Inland specific features.

IEHG has decided to set up a portrayal register for Inland ENCs within the S-100 registry in the future.