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Look-up Tables 2.1

Look-up tables link feature descriptions from the IENC to the appropriate symbology instructions depending on whether:

  1. the link is straight forward, i.e. a direct relationship between an feature?s description and its presentation such as a buoy or a land area. In this case, the look-up table provides the symbology instruction to show a symbol, an area fill, or a line style.
  2. the link is conditional, i.e. depending on circumstances, for example a depth area, whose colour fill depends on the choice of the safety contour. In this case the look-up table refers the decision to a conditional symbology procedure that selects the appropriate symbology instructions later.

The Inland ECDIS Presentation Library provides five look-up tables:

  • paper chart point symbols
  • simplified point symbols
  • line symbols
  • plain area boundary symbols
  • symbolized area boundary symbols